Who is Trillion Dollar Secret?

Who IS Trillion Dollar Secret?


Well I’m just a everyday common person like yourself. I go by Trillion Dollar Secret not by choice but because that seems to be the nickname that people have given me over the years. Why? Because I’ve been apart of network Marketing for about 20 years. I’ve joined just about every get rich pyramid scheme out there. I made some money from them because I know how to market online and off line. However The only thing I notice with those little set ups is. Only the person on top Get’s rich. So my advice to you is never get involved in something that you have to buy into. The only benefit from that is the training on how to network market. However now a days with the use of the internet and social media . It’s pretty much a no brainer. People now a days know how to connect with people. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to do what you already do everyday

What I focus on is showing people how to make money online with No Investment at all and of course you can use your social account to advertise for free. I don’t charge anyone to learn what I know. I DO NOT offer any ” business opportunity ” like some like to call it. I call it ” scam ”

What I offer is free and easy to do on you spare time. It’s not at all demanding . You do not have to deal with trying to recruit people or build a downline. You don’t have to do cold calls or spam people by email. My trick literally sells it self.

Ok first you want to get a free blog like this one. At http://www.wordpress.com . The reason I say this is because I’m going to teach you how to use it as a vehicle. Next you want to join me on facebook. by click on the facebook pic below. Because I update what different promotions different companies are offering to their publishers and different contest .

Next I’m going to teach how to become a publisher for several companies for free. When I use the term publisher. I mean I’m going to teach you how to get paid for simply writing blog about different services and products. Every company I introduce you to. Is free to join. I’ve tested it myself so they have proven to me that they do pay. Most of the companies I deal with pay you by check. However because your a “Independent publisher” These companies will 1099 you at the end of the year. So make sure you do your tax requirements.

Now how much money will you make? Truly depends on you and what do you choose to write about. I would stick with things you friends or followers would benefit from that is free but yet pays them. I’ll teach you about that also.

Ok I gave you to task to complete . Do those first and meet me on facebook.

Click on my pic to go to the website

Click on my pic to go to the website


Click on Image to join me on facecook

Click on Image to join me on facecook

Or you can find me on facebook thru this link http://facebook.com/Trilliondollarsecretlove

You may follow me on twitter. I finally decided to get a twitter account lol 😀

Or you may email me at trilliondollarsecret@yahoo.com